City Kids Care Curriculum 

We’re so excited that you’ve chosen City Kids Care to provide quality care for your little one.  We look forward to partnering with you to establish your child’s educational foundation. Our goal is to help them develop and grow with the whole child philosophy in a loving and caring environment.
With all classes, activity calendars are sent home each month. These calendars communicate to parents what their child is currently learning.
Structured daily schedules are used in all classes, so that children learn what to expect in their day. This consistency reduces stress and anxiety in children. These schedules are posted in each classroom.
In each class every child has the opportunity to explore their creativity with arts and crafts that are themed to our weekly curriculum. Opportunities like these, build fine motor skills and reinforces the concept taught.
Our classroom teachers use lots of different engaging activities, games, songs and books to engage children and enhance their learning.
Each classroom is designed with purposeful play in mind. Center items are switched out periodically so that children stay engaged.
Sensory tubs are incorporated to support language development, such as problem solving skills and social skills. It enhances memory function, and reinforces sensory attributes and textures. It dissolves anxiety and stress from children and allows them a healthy outlet for their frustration.
Circle time is included in all classroom daily schedules. Seasons, weather, days of the year and weeks are some of the learning objectives during this time.
Scholastic Book Club magazines are sent home with children every month so parents can order age-appropriate books to read with their child at home. Every time you make an order, City Kids Care is able to use the points accrued to build our classroom libraries!

Toddler Program

Our toddler program incorporates learning through positive reinforcement while implementing our research based curriculum. It’s a very hands on curriculum where children get to learn and explore their surrounding with planned themed activities. Our teachers strive to model to our children how to appropriately share toys, use their manners, and utilize their words when talking to friends and teachers as much as possible. Children will learn phonemic awareness and pre-reading skills by singing children’s songs, having stories read to them, and daily communication. Learning centers of imaginary play, puzzles, and blocks are incorporated into the daily schedule.

Pre-K Program

This classroom focuses primarily on kindergarten readiness. We follow a structured learning schedule that incorporates educational based themes and activities. Our curriculum aligns with the state's recommended knowledge and skills. It focuses on circle time, language/literacy skills, basic mathematical knowledge, scientific knowledge, art, music/movement, social and emotional development, and life skills. Learning centers are included in our daily schedule to promote structure and organization in the classroom. We strive to ensure our children develop social and emotional skills in addition to academic skills.